About My Southern Family,
Friends, and Me

My family has deep roots in North Georgia. Family records date back to the 1700s, the pioneer days of the "Peach State." Five generations made Georgia their home until jobs in railroads and farming took them south to Florida in the 1920s.

While I was born in Miami during World War II, at the ripe old age of nineteen, love and marriage took me on a 40-year-long wild ride through North Florida, the small coal-mining towns of Virginia, the big city of New Orleans and back to Miami once more. On the eve of the new millennium, my husband and I were drawn to the North Georgia Mountains. We were looking for a slower, gentler lifestyle and we found it here in Union County. Not only do strangers still wave to you, there's a church on every corner, and I'm less than an hour's drive from my ancestors' original 18th century homestead.

Along life's road I have honed my skills as a cook, caterer, restauranteur, baker, decorator, innkeeper and according to my daughter, a "Goddess of Southern Hospitality". At every stop I met brilliant cooks and gracious hosts. Their hospitality was genuine and contagious. I was inspired to cook better, try harder, and laugh more. It is with gratitude that I dedicate this internet endeavor to them, and hope we can reconnect over the world wide web, or better yet, over a cup of coffee and some homemade scones.

Your humble hostess,
Beverly Carter