Church Records of Union County, GA

The following church records are available for genealogy research at the Union County Historical Society in Blairsville.

Choestoe Baptist Church

Choestoe Baptist Church Records 1834-1907 (Minutes and Records 1834-1907)

Choestoe Baptist Church was organized before 1834, but the earliest surviving records begin September 5, 1834. The Georgia Archives also has copies of the records for Choestoe Baptist Church.

Confidence M.E. Church South

Confidence M.E. Church South in Young Cane, GA

This book includes a Register of Member Names, Date Received, How Received, By Whom Received and Date of Death or Disposal.

Coopers Creek Baptist Church

Coopers Creek Baptist Church 1847-1999: One Hundred Fifty-Two Years of History.

Also contains records for Coopers Creek School 1847-1955. Compiled and Edited by Janie Moore Turner and Betty Parker. Published by Coopers Creek Baptist Church, 1999.

Coosa United Methodist Church

Coosa History: Coosa United Methodist Church 1834-1900 (established 1849?) and Coosa School

Edited by Jean Carter, Evelyn Everett Payne, Delores Kilpatrick. Published 1994.

Primitive Baptist Church

Abstract of Principles of the Primitive Baptist Church at Track Rock Union County, Georgia

Primitive Baptist Church was established September 8, 1906. This book revised 30th day of Nov 1960. By R.L. Hughes, Ed Sexton, Cliff Coker.

Providence Methodist Church

Providence Methodist Church: A Mountain Legacy

A Historical Account of Methodism, Providence United Methodist Church, and Its Environs. Compiled, Written and Edited by Joyce Moesker with Rosella Jordan.

Shady Grove United Methodist Church

Shady Grove United Methodist Church

Shady Grove United Methodist Church was organized in the 1830's.

Track Rock Baptist Church

Track Rock Baptist Church History (includes information for Track Rock School)

Track Rock Baptist Church was organized in 1870.

Union Baptist Church

Union Baptist Church: 1897-1997

Compiled by Benny and Mary Lou Nix, Clermont, GA, October 14, 1997.

Zion Baptist Church

Church Membership Records of Zion Baptist Church, Suches, Union County, GA.

October 1863 thru August 1935.

Minutes of Zion Baptist Church in Suches, Union County, GA

Book I: (Oct 1863-Dec 1887), Book II: (Jan 1888-Feb 1897), Book III: (May 1897-Dec 1913), Book IV: (Sept 1914-Aug 1935). All information is transcribed directly from the handwritten minute books. Typist: F. Sherrill Long, Spring of 1994